I was nineteen when I became pregnant and I chose to give birth at the hospital because I thought that was just what one does, even though, deep down, it did not feel right. For many reasons, the experience with the O.B, the prenatal care, and my entire experience, was extremely misogynistic in nature. My son’s birth in captivity resulted in a traumatic C-section and we were separated immediately after birth for over six hours, when I was demanding him be returned to me. Our beginning was very difficult, he had Colic and I slipped into even deeper states of depression, for a long time to come. Even so, this was when I was first awakened to birth and her sacred work. After some time, I saw a hypnotherapist to see if hypnotherapy could assist me and it profoundly impacted me. Through this experience, I was inspired to be educated in hypnotherapy and share this healing modality with others. I attended and graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the college of hypnotherapy and I now specialize in, Natural Childbirth hypnosis. Moving forward, when I became pregnant again, despite being told that I would never birth vaginally, I was determined to create the healthy pregnancy and birth experience I desired. I re-examined my health choices and dove deeper into self care. Even with my challenges before, this pregnancy and birth moved along so smoothly. I chose hypnobirthing to assist me in preparing for my home water birth and the entire experience was  powerful, healing and transformative. I’ve fused my education in hypnotherapy, knowledge in astrology, deep affinity, trust & understanding with the process of pregnancy and birth, into a supportive resource for you to utilize and enjoy.



















Birthing blessings, Sisters         

In 2014, Kendra Forbes graduated with honors from the only nationally accredited college for hypnotherapy, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Kendra continues to expand her knowledge and skills by studying, observing, and integrating all of her experiences as she works along-side women and fellow birth educators. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family and assists women locally or via Skype. 



                                             Kendra's accreditation's: 


                                              * Certified Hypnotherapist 

*Certified in Hypnosis & Childbirth 

*Certified in Hypnosis & Pain Management

*Certified Reiki Practitioner 




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