Please be sure to include the date, time, & location of your birth in the email description box. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Connection Call ~15 mins Free

Skype or Phone


A connection call is a great option. We get to meet each other, ask questions, and determine if there's a mutual resonance to pursue hypnotherapy together.

 I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

One-time Session & Customized Hypnosis Audio


This option is ideal for anyone who is looking to experience the profound benefits of an in-depth and integrative hypnotherapy session. 

Great for astrology insight & alignment, discover your soul's evolutionary intention, connect with your natal lunar cycle,

 re-frame pregnancy or birthing beliefs, menstruation, fertility, stress relief, discomfort management, postpartum healing and so much more! Walk away from this session with new insights and a powerful self help tool that you can use in any circumstance, for life.


We'll share an in-depth 1.5 hour Skype session, which will be recorded and sent to you. The session will later be followed up with a professionally recorded and customized hypnosis audio for your continued use and enjoyment.

Please allow up to 4 days to receive your personal hypnosis audio. Thank you!



Natal Lunar Cycle Hypnobirthing

This service is designed for women who want to utilize hypnosis and their connection to the Moon to assist them on their journey in pregnancy and birth.These sessions will align with the waxing and waning energy of your personal lunar cycle for optimal energetic harmony. Create life long transformation, experience deeper harmony within your personal nature and the outer world. Dive very deep, as one hypnotically prepares for her metamorphosis in and through birth.

In these sessions, you will learn self hypnosis techniques that will assist you to navigate your pregnancy, birth of your baby, and postpartum healing. Together, we will create & cultivate your highest birth vision as you manifest your birth experience, to last a lifetime. 


This entails;

Astrological Birth Chart Reading 

5 Hypnotherapy Sessions

5 Customized Pregnancy and Birth Hypnosis Audios

1 Customized Pregnancy Affirmation Audio

1 Customized Birthing Hypnosis Audio

3 Postpartum Visits/Calls/Skype

Txt/Call/Skype support during our entire time together.

Sessions are held over Skype and will begin on your upcoming natal New Moon phase and will be completed with the culmination of the second Full Moon of your natal lunar phase. This means our time together will be about 7 weeks with us coming together about once every week and a half.




Because of the time sensitive factor, I start working with women around 25 weeks and no later than 30 weeks gestation.  


We will come together with the aligning moon phases, about once every 11 days or so, for optimal energetic flow. After each session, please allow 3-4 days to receive your customized hypnosis audio and practice daily in-between sessions. 


Again, Hypnobirthing is a very powerful tool, however it does not guarantee any outcomes. Know how crucial it is to practice DAILY in between sessions and all the way up until the day you give birth.The important thing to know is that you will have all the tools, the practice, and the hypnotic conditioning in your mind and body, to effectively handle any situation that may come up during your birth experience. Deeply commit to this inner work and let the magic of birth unfold before you.

To give the highest expression of service possible, I work with one client at a time.


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