Maternal Wisdom 


    Welcome, before you begin here today, I want to acknowledge you, your sovereignty and your journey. As a fellow sister who has crossed the threshold of childbirth into motherhood, I support you and I see you.







The way women and babies experience pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum is the blueprint for the rest of our lives. It is the greatest rights of passages a woman will ever go through and one's process is intimately interconnected with how she feels about herself. During this metamorphosis, women using hypnosis with conscious intention can utilize her journey to dive deep, heal, and transform herself in anyway she desires.

 Giving birth can be consciously used to liberate oneself from anything that is no longer serving, be it past traumas, childhood wounds, cognitive blocks or emotional attachments.  

Hypnobirthing assists women in creating more peace and feeling more at ease with the immense changes taking place within her body and without her life. It equips women with specific tools and techniques to naturally and effectively manage and navigate her powerful birthing sensations as well as positively reframe pregnancy, birth, and motherhood beliefs.  

Childbirth can act as a reawakening for women, emerging from her experience, a new consciousness is born. 










Giving birth is akin to an alchemical process of mind, body and spirit. Instinctually and hormonally, all the knowledge and capacity she needs to give birth to her baby is inherently within her. Even so, the most well-informed, trusting women may have fears, doubts, and sometimes, unforeseen circumstances to navigate, and hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to assist you in a natural, holistic way.  


Hypnosis is a wonderful way to practice self-love, relaxation, presence, and to deeply connect and bond with your baby. 

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of consciousness; it's that beautiful space in between worlds.
Hypnosis can assist with:
*Releasing Fears
*Oxytocin Flow
*Self Care
*Breech Baby (variation of normal)
*Posterior Baby (variation of normal)
*Blood Pressure
*Postpartum Healing 
*Hormonal Balance 
*Milk Flow
*Perineum & Muscle Healing  
*Deeper Rest 
*Grounding Energy 
*Birth Trauma
and more.

















 Women must be supported in their autonomous choices in pregnancy and childbirth. It's an unfortunate truth that in the western medical industry today, many woman experience obstetrical violence and are intimidated and manipulated into a systematic funnel that is inherently designed for either convince or profit. 

Even well meaning Midwives have to adhere to certain protocols that are questionable and infringe upon the boundaries and rights  of entirely capable birthing mothers and their newborns.


The setting and the environment that you give birth in is a crucial choice, and that choice will impact your entire experience and outcome.


Home and Free Birthing mothers, for the most part, are choosing to take full autonomous responsibility for their pre/post natal health, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum choices for themselves and their babies. Every day, women are reclaiming their power in birth by implementing educated, planned, and responsible choices.

An undisturbed, spontaneous, phy-siological birth is the optimal setting and experience for mother and baby.

Astrology & Childbirth Hypnosis

In my practice, I use Astrology as a supportive tool for women to further explore and understand one's unique emotional nature and inner workings, as well as one's nurturance needs and desires. Using her birth chart is especially insightful and is a critical part of the foundation for creating personalized hypnotic suggestions. Mamma Luna Hypnobirthing is for women who desire to use this sacred time in her life to go very deep, alchemize her soul, and transcend every limit in and through birth. 


Mamma Luna Hypnobirthing  is for women who are desiring to take their pregnancy and births, into a life-transforming, alchemical experience. An unwavering commitment to oneself, with daily hypnosis practice, is necessary in order to experience the benefits of hypnobirthing. 

In our sessions, we'll use your birth chart to explore your soul's evolutionary intention, the current transits and how to navigate them. Have in depth conversations as we look into your true, inner nurturance needs and desires. Walk through and release any fears and use hypnotherapy, to create and integrate, your highest birth vision.

You will also learn self hypnosis techniques that will assist you in navigating your birthing time, crowning and birth of your baby.These practices and techniques will assist you in every way, use them in subsequent pregnancies, and last a lifetime.   


What makes Mamma Luna Hypnotherapy unique?


I deeply care about the women I work with and I aim to create the highest expression of an intimate and fruitful experience as possible. By utilizing the unique energies of your birth chart, the power of your intentions and subconscious mind, all of these intimate elements used to create the sessions, provide a holistic and highly individualized experience for women and their babies. 


I'm very honored to share a part of your journey with you, sister.

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